Friday, March 2, 2018


This mural made to nudge the young workers who did not realize how important to create something. I hear a lot of  stories from my friends that already working but not satisfied. Actually, the ideal job is a related to skills and passions from each individuals. I think that lived in Jakarta which is a harsh city, you must have “oxygen tube”. The oxygen tube that I meant is to make a creation who related with your skill and passion. Because in my opinion this is a refreshing moment to re-spirited for you to do your daily boring jobs.

The visual that I made is a white donkey. Donkey is the symbolic of surrender, colonized, too obedient and exploited, can also means with general term is stupid. The white color symbolic of sperm, sperm that we know is the beginning of life (potential). Overall this mural tells about a potential who didn't channeled, so a young people who did not have creation is a barren (impotence).

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Who Am I?

This is my year-end personal project in 2017, that i created to facing a new year of 2018. I created with wheat paste/paste up technique for this artwork in some of street in Jakarta. The artwork tells about some of people who still looking for their identity (passion, principles of life, soul and its kind)

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Melting Point (Project Collaboration with Micro Galleries)

This time, I collaborated with Micro Galleries, a global project inisiators that aim in public art. Micro Galleries aims to demonstrate that art is for everyone and can have a positive impact on a community. This project aims to bringing unexpected art to unexpected places throughout the laneways, corners and secret spots of this vibrant kampung (Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta) and making a hidden labyrinth of open-air galleries. Over 50 artist across Indonesia and around the world join this project.

The spot that I execute on the “warung” (daily products store). I choose the spot because warung bears the power of an economic wheel in residential areas, especially in the many kampung in Jakarta. More in its social function, a warung often because the point of departure for social lives among residents (or our direct data shows that it functions as a forum for housewives to gossip). This piece tells a story about an important element in bringing a community to live using a mural. The content plays with colors group and geometric visuals based on shapes that interpret several key words such as the economy, social function, roles, values, and aesthetics. In its context, this piece talks about a public space that bears a function for the public.

*Thanks to Mosa and Dika who execute the mural.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

100% Did By Love

In 2017, precisely in February, me and my friend, Maulana Ibrahim, are planning to do an initiative mural project at one of the East Jakarta’s city spot, which is a suburb called Klender. This mural will be located on the wall of some daily products store (Toko Agen Sembako) and surround that store, there is a small park near of garbage dump. And we thought this activities about dumping a garbage or cleaning a garbage making this park to be unuseful. So we decide to make a mural to make this park become less dirty or less gross, because we see so much potential about this park. Surely we try to determine the issue or problem that we can brings or communicates with this mural. After we adapt or absorb the situation about this place, we find out there is a value about the activities of dumping a garbage or cleaning a garbage, which is done by a cleaners or a janitors, who is very enthusiastic, whole-hearted and not disgrace about their jobs. Which is reflected by these cleaners or janitors by doing their jobs with very passionated and enjoyed. And with that values that we absorb from them, we transfer it into this mural process by feels relax, ejoy and always smile even something going wrong or not we expected.Thanks!